A trustee brings to the Clear Fork Valley Foundation his or her own unique skills and abilities, which diversify and broaden the board as a whole. As a volunteer board member, each trustee is a vital and significant part of an active, energized working team committed to encouraging academic achievement and promoting excellence in education for students of all levels and abilities.

The 2017 Clear Fork Valley Foundation trustees are:

Kyle Beveridge – Treasurer & Finance Committee

Courtney Cline – Scholarship Committee

Nancy Martin – Scholarship Committee

Bryan McClelland – Secretary

Brian McCartney – Finance & Fundraising Committees

Brad Snyder – President & Finance & Scholarship Committees

Sean Snyder – Vice President & Fundraising Committee

John Studenmund – Finance & Scholarship Committees

Stacey Swank – Scholarship Committee, including Summer Enrichment

Gary Swiatek – Nominations & Scholarship Committees